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Using timers in lessons

1 hour? 50 minutes? 30 minutes? Whatever the length of your lessons, you will probably want to divide them up into several shorter sections or tasks. Making your pupils aware of the timing of your lessons can encourage them to work with more purpose and focus than when they’re not sure how long they have. The other advantage of sharing timings is that it can help to keep track of the time when you are focused on the lesson and helping pupils.

Timing can rely on a normal clock on the wall, or on your watch, but in order to make everyone on the room most aware, a countdown timer is very useful. Using a timer in lessons is nothing new and a physical timer can be effective, but if you have a projector in your classroom then a software based timer may be the best option.

There are a number of different timer programs available on the internet. Some are very simple and do nothing more than count down from a set time, while others have loads of bells and whistles like multiple timers and reminders.

The six timers I am going to highlight are all simple to use and are ideal for the classroom. They all have the basic function of counting down from any time between a few seconds to several hours, but they each look different and work slightly differently. Some are more complex and need to be installed on your computer. Others are flash based and will run without being installed. They are simpler, but do have the advantage that they can be run full screen. Continue reading