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Class blog trial

From the start of this year I have started a trial of using blogs with my two Key Stage 4 classes. The idea is to have a hub of information related to the class and the work we do.

I have set up one blog per class and am currently hosting them on my website with separate blogs for my Year 10 and Year 11 higher GCSE groups.

The backbone of the blogs are regular posts about what we have covered in the lessons with examples, explanations and links to other resources. Currently I am posting these, but I hope to explore the possibility of getting the students to at least be involved in this process.

I am also posting separate posts about homework including copies of worksheets and reminders of due dates.

I hope that the blogs will be a valuable resource to both groups. Something they can use regularily as a way to remind themselves of what we have covered in lessons, catch up on work they have missed and as a useful resource for revision.

In future posts I will talk about some of the ideas I have for developing the use of the blogs and about how and why I have set them up as I have. You can follow the blog trial specifically from the ‘Class blog trial‘ category link at the top of the page.

Please have a look at the blogs and see what you think. If you want to make a comment or ask a question about the blogs, please do so here on If you want to comment for the pupils’ benefit then feel free to do so on the class blogs.