About Classroomtech.org.uk

Technology moves on at an incredible pace. Many pupils today have massive exposure to all sorts of hardware and software, computers, smart phones, tablets, web tools and services.

In schools we can’t and shouldn’t try to keep up with all the very latest advancements in technology, but we must look for ways in which we can tap in to the resources that are out there. As teachers we have many resources at our disposal, from traditional teaching methods and equipment to new electronic and web based tools and services.

Classroomtech.org.uk exists to highlight some of these new and exciting advancements and try to help the ordinary teacher to integrate them into their classroom to enhance the teaching and learning that happens there.

Whether you are experienced and comfortable using technology or if you are unsure and just starting to dip your toe in, the aim of Classroomtech.org.uk is to help you use technology to the benefit the pupils you teach and to make your life as a busy teacher easier and more effective.

The advantage of a blog is that it allows two way conversation. Please comment on any posts, or contact me using the contact form. I don’t have all (any?) of the answers. I want and need to learn from your experience too.

About the author

Classroomtech.org.uk is written by Tim Dolan a teacher of Maths to 11-16 year olds in the UK. I try to use technology wisely to enhance my teaching and the learning of the pupils who spend time in my classroom.

My aim with Classroomtech.org.uk is to share my experience and ideas about using technology in the classroom with my immediate colleagues where I work and also more widely to to anyone who might find them useful.

Other projects I am involved in include my Maths websites revisemaths.org.uk and Mathsduck.co.uk.


My intention for this site is to be useful to its readers. I make no promises that what I write is completely accurate (although I will try to make sure it is). Please investigate and think carefully about any resources before you use them in the classroom and remember that the nature of the web (and particuly services in beta testing) is that it may not be entirely reliable.

Opinions and views on this blog are mine and not necessarily those of my employer or anyone else. Views expressed in comments represent the views of visitors.