20 ideas

I recently led a session introducing 20 ideas for using technology in the classroom in 20 minutes. This post is something of an index to those 20 ideas that are all expanded upon on this site.

Each idea has a post and you can find them by following the links below (in the order in which they were mentioned in the session) or by using the other navigation around the site. An alphabetical list of all the posts on this site can be found on the ‘list of posts’ page linked above.

Here are the 20 ideas:

  1. Using timers in lessons
  2. Wireless Keyboards
  3. PowerPoint shortcuts
  4. Downloading YouTube videos
  5. Interactive timelines – Mnemograph
  6. Easier web addresses – URL shortening
  7. Paperless planning with Teachers Personal Information Manager
  8. Webcams for showcasing work
  9. Drag and drop in PowerPoint
  10. Bubbl.us – online mind-mapping
  11. Teachers TV – not just for teachers
  12. Live web pages in PowerPoint
  13. Create interactive games, activities & quizzes with Contentgenerator.net
  14. Multiple email addresses in one
  15. Temporary web pages with Google Docs
  16. Delicious.com – free your bookmarks
  17. Publish a homework tasks blog easily
  18. Using sound effects in lessons
  19. Collect data with Google forms
  20. What are other teachers doing?

Here is the presentation that I used at the session. The PowerPoint drag and drop and Live web pages won’t work in the online version.